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  • Trainings & Simulations

    Our simulations are comprehensive training programs that can include e-learnings, workshops, Excel-based simulations and certification tests. They can tailored to the needs of your organization and are suited for experts who want to acquire comprehensive industry knowledge.

  • Individual Mentoring

    Our mentoring services are dedicated to helping the top managers of a bank. Our experts will provide guidance and answer specific questions that will help you better understand your bank’s problems and develop comprehensive and efficient solutions. Mentoring solutions can also be translated into a project. 

  • Expert Consulting

    Our consulting services are focused on finding solutions by using our team’s years of professional experience and expertise. We cooperate with our partners and use the latest technological developments to ensure effective results. Our services help financial institutions become more efficient and improve their performance.

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  • €348,00

    All E-learning Courses, Tests & Certificates (Bundle)

    Have access to all courses and all tests & quizzes with 1000+ questions and explanations. All new courses/chapters/lessons will be automatically added to your subscription. This is the most comprehensive choice, and also the best preparation for obtaining a Bearning certificate in a specialization.
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  • €192,00

    Banking and Financial Management (Bundle - 7 E-learning courses)

    Banking and financial management bundle contains key chapters for the financial management of a bank, such as: Bank management and Strategies, Controlling and internal pricing (FTP), Bank Regulation, ​ALM/Treasury and Financial Markets.
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Our certificates demonstrate your mastery of important topics in banking and prove you have successfully passed our final exams. Complete the course, take the final test and demonstrate your specialization with a Bearning certificate, which you can share on your profile!

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What our clients say

SimBa Online - Simulated Bank Management - In-house Business School


"Everthing was excellent. Simba bank is an excellent example how to introduce the theoretical science in practice. The whole concept of the training was great. Super!!!"

Private Banking Course


"I liked the form and professional approach of the lecturer." "Excellent, as usual." "Interactive inputs, quizzes were fine on the specking. Interesting offside app. Welcome also in the future."

Blockchain & Fintech Course


"Thank you for all the information. They are very relevant; I have received an overall overview of current trends in financial technologies."

Digital Bank Transformation Workshop


"Thank you for the comprehensive presentation and for connecting the course contents with current events."

Fintech Workshop


"Fantastic and very professional lecturer. Thank you!"

Private Banking In-house Workshop


"The workshop content was very well curated and the quizzes kept us engaged and attentive."

Digital Bank Transformation Workshop


"A very well curated course, on a very technically complex topic."

FinTech Workshop


"It was a great and interactive workshop, covering a wide breadth of topics within FinTech and using plenty of real world examples. I took away a lot of important knowledge and left with a good feeling. Thank you."

Bearning Live Webinars


Watch this video to learn more about our live courses.